Let Dads Change

Objective: Bring dads into the parenting spotlight with a digital campaign designed especially for them.

D Show Student Award


Launched on Instagram with videos of dads struggling to find places to change their baby when they are out and about.

Celebrity dads join in to spark up the conversation.

Currently the Pampers website is exclusively targeting moms. With a redesign we can add a dad tab with information catered to dads.

Partnering with Target, we introduce the first smart changing table exclusively in men's public restrooms. This smart table features UV disinfecting surfaces, wireless charger and a diaper vending machine. 

Within the Pampers app dads can search for the nearest changing table.

Users can always excess the diaper vending machine just in case of any diaper troubles on the go.


Case Study

Creative Team: Jessica Keoshian, Reed Nowels and Casey O'Brien